Festive displays have become an essential part of the Christmas shopping experience. They need to stop people in their tracks with visually arresting designs and cleverly presented products and invite them in, engage them and capture their imagination. This was exactly Vision On’s approach with the New Look Christmas Campaign.

Working closely with New Look, our creatives started out by creating several concepts that would really embody the client’s chosen message of ‘joy, happiness and giving’. From there we progressed to more tangible 3D visualisations of the final product to give life to our ideas. With a final design confirmed, our teams then worked on production substrates and methods to deliver a consistent, high quality aesthetic across all three store tier budgets, from the subsidiary stores all the way up to the major flagships.

For New Look Oxford Street, the most eminent of the brand’s stores, a bespoke 3D speaker stack was custom built to fill the window. Produced in our factory in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, the entire design was built using our CNC and Zund cutting machines, in-house spray booths, and was assembled and illuminated by our in-house technicians, joiners and electricians. To top the whole thing off, it was then driven to London via the branded Vision On installation fleet and installed overnight by our expert fitting teams.

But what is Christmas without all the trimmings? Once complete, our visual merchandising specialists arrived to set up the mannequins, carefully arrange the product placement and to apply those irreplaceable finishing touches.

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