Tension Fabric Graphics

Tension Fabric Graphics consist of a printed graphic with a stitched silicone edge. The silicone edge is seamlessly inserted into a precision engineered channel in our lightboxes. The design ensures a snug fit every time, no matter what shape or size your lightbox. It’s the perfect choice for spaces that require a regular graphic refresh.

Our Tension Fabric Graphics are a fast, cost-effective way to update your graphics whether it be for one print or an entire international roll-out.

Their flexible and lightweight fabric construction makes them an ideal product for shipping and our premium Vision range of fabrics ensure no creasing during transit.

Our products

Vision Lux

Our premium soft knitted micro velour fabric. The Vision Lux is an impressive and elegant substrate that provides beautiful, even illumination with a superior look and feel.

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Vision Classic

Our premier backlit solution. Our Vision Classic features a unique two part diffuser system to create an exceptional lightbox textile product.

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Vision Block

A knitted polyester with black PU rear coating. Our Vision Block is ideal for almost any application where opaque qualities are required.

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Vision Display

Our Vision Display is a soft coated, knitted polyester fabric for all types of display. It works especially well with tension fabric systems.

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Vision Ultra

Our Vision Ultra is our premier UV print option. This crease resistant and flame retardant substrate renders maximum colour brilliance and incredible sharpness.

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Vision Flag

Our Vision Flag is a robust and tearproof substrate. It is very soft and slightly transparent at a thickness of 117g/m2.

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